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Choosing which Realtor will sell your home is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. Whether it’s the home you’ve shared countless laughs and smiles in or the condo you’ve just flipped, hiring an expert could be the difference between a hundred and a hundred thousand dollars. I’ve worked with many sellers over the years with various constraints and expectations and state with confidence that whatever your ambition maybe, “I’ll make sure we get the deal your property deserves.”

Selling your home can be an emotional process, especially in today’s challenging marketplace. Everything from the valuation, property staging, marketing, facilitating home repairs, consultations, and legal advice, can make or break a seller/Realtor relationship. Advertising is one of the most important aspects of a sale, and it’s important to make sure the photography is up to scratch, the lighting considered, floor plans, furnishing, and presentation carefully executed to make the best impression on buyers possible. Not only do I pride myself on property aesthetics and attention to detail, but I can also offer your listing the exposure it requires to get the price you’re looking for.

Unsure how to gain access to Arizona States Multiple Listing Service (MLS)? I will work with you to get the images and description of your property just right so that it truly stands out from the crowd. Nervous to open your doors to a bunch of strangers? No problem, I will coordinate a small but worthwhile handful of viewings guarantee, not only an assured sale but your peace of mind too. Worried about paying for a set of unrealistic repairs, based upon the buyer’s demands? I only employ the best local vendors in the business when it comes to inspectors and tradespeople so that only essential maintenance is completed, and to a high standard.

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