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Being a landlord can be stressful. With one eye on the property market, and one on your tenants to make sure they’re not wrecking the place, it can be a real juggling act. If you’re struggling with renting your home, and securing reputable tradesmen to service it, I can help. You’ll receive expert rental analysis to ensure you get the best monthly income for your investment. With thorough tenant screenings, flexible property viewings, and assistance with inventories, lease and co-signer agreements, it’s wise to work with a professional Realtor with experience in the fluctuating property market. It’ll save yourself hours.

Exposure is everything when it comes to renting your home fast. I can advertise your listing prominently across multiple sites and the MLS to make sure it receives the recognition it deserves.

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More and more Americans are choosing to rent, from students to seniors to young families, the market is slowly shifting away from home ownership. And for good reason. Rapid apartment construction has meant that in the past decade there are now more options than ever when it comes to suburban lifestyles and city living. Since the pandemic, less people have the need to relocate for work, and renters can choose the freedom of a spot that suits them. This could be nearer friends, family or green spaces. Renting gives you the freedom of trying out an area before you choose to commit to buying a property. It’s easier to qualify, and maintenance costs are covered by your landlord.

Renting in the Phoenix metro area can be more affordable than buying a new home. But it’s important to make sure you find a rental that ticks your boxes. No one wants to end up in a damp one bedroom studio apartment with no sunlight, just because it’s near the baseball park. I can scope out your price range and work with you to find the right fit. Once we’ve viewed a selection of properties geared towards your needs, I can assist with the paperwork and understanding the terms of your real estate lease.

Arizona has a load of great neighborhoods ideal for tenants. I recommend starting your search in Maricopa and Pima County.

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